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Middle-Earth in Minecraft

Welcome to EpicQuestz!
We are a build team specialising in bringing Middle-Earth builds to the Minecraft community for download.

Founded in 2011, over the past decade we have held firm in our belief that the best of Minecraft creations should be free to download by anyone with the game, to enjoy and do with what they wish. Feel free to explore our creations showcased here, and remember that you are most welcome to apply to help out if you want.

Join Us Now

IP: build.epicquestz.com

Want to look around some of our maps before downloading them? Use /warp location to look round.

Want to build? Simply use /plot auto to start building whatever you want: applications need prior builds as evidence, and if you have none our plot world is a perfect place to start.

Apply to become a Builder

Interested in Middle-Earth? Enjoy building and looking for a community?

Although anyone can join and look around, only Builders can help out in the creation of maps and locations from Middle-Earth. Applying to become a member of our team with the Builder rank is easy, and comprises two steps:

  1.  An application form.
  2. An in-game assessment

You can read more about the process here on our forums, or join our Discord to ask questions.

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