Ruined Version (2016)

Features & Info

  • Be sure to check the Tolkien Gateway for some background lore information. We’ve based our interpretation of Isengard during the War of the Ring.
  • The map includes:
    • The tower of Orthanc with full interior
    • Broken walls of Isengard
    • Warg pits, industrial works, and birthing pits
    • Part of Fangorn Forest & attacking Ents
    • Eagles circling the tower of Orthanc
    • The great dam

Thanks to all the members of the EpicQuestz Build Team who helped out!

  • PMC Post: Planet Minecraft post
  • Resource Pack: Legacy Pack
  • Project Leader: Tobberz
  • A full credits board is available in-game.
  • Thank you to CrankerMan for the render you see to the left.

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