The Rohan Project (2019-)

The Rohan Project is our project to bring the entirety of Rohan – recreated in Minecraft – to you, for download.

Up until this point, EpicQuestz has concentrated on releasing individual locations for download, and we will continue to do that.

However, this mega-project intends to unite all our Rohan maps & locations, present and future, into one contiguous map. Uniquely, this will be available for download for all to explore – as is the case with all our current maps.

Many of the locations have already been built, but we’ve a fair way to go!

Current Status

As of Summer 2021, we’ve completed Helm’s Deep, Grimslade, and Éoford (a small village in the Westfold), in addition to our previous project of Ruined Isengard. We have also almost completed Aldburg, the ancient capital.

Our aim is to complete the southern areas of Rohan – the Folde, Westfold, and so on – before proceeding north. The terrain is being completed by our Lead Terraformer, Enoshade, in WorldMachine and WorldPainter.1