Background Info

  • Weathertop, also known as Amon-Sûl in Sindarin, was a watchtower in the weather hills in Eriador. Back in the days when this watchtower was still whole, a palantir was held within the chambers of the tower before being removed to Annuminas.
  • It is said that before the War of the Last Alliance, Elendil stood at the hill watching the hosts of Gil-galad coming to join his forces.
  • Now the watchtower remains in ruins, and it is here that Frodo was stabbed by the Witch-King of Angmar.
  • Read about the history and lore of this famous location on this Tolkien Gateway article.
  • This map was released on version 1.17 for the Java version of the game. As such, it can only be played on versions compatible with that.


  • The map includes a portion of the weather hills.
  • In the middle of the maps stands a tall hill, atop of which lay the ruins of weathertop.
  • There is one single tunnel that leads to the top of the hill.
  • We highly recommend the use of the Eriador Pack for this map, which is packaged with the download and should activate automatically.

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