Features & Info

  • Be sure to check the Tolkien Gateway for some background lore information. We’ve based our Edhellond early in the Second Age.
  • Map dimensions are 951×1036
  • Built on version 1.12 (can be used on 1.13 with conversion).
  • 125 buildings spread over 5 levels.
  • A harbour area with ships & cargo.
  • A large citadel area at the top of the 5th level.
  • Every building is fully interiored and detailed.

Resource Pack

  • Although it is not necessary to use the official resource pack, we recommend you do due to the modified quartz (and other) textures in the official EpicQuestz pack.
  • You can download the pack from here.


  • Thanks to LimeeFox for leading and initiating the project, as well as Tobberz for supervising it.
  • Thanks to all the members of the build team who helped out. A specific credits list can be found in-game.
  • Thanks to Enoshade for the renders, and Tobberz & LimeeFox for the screenshots
  • See this Imgur gallery for all the renders, and this one for all the screenshots.