Rohan: Éoford

Features & Info

  • Have a read of the article about the Westfold on Tolkien Gateway for more information on the region this village is based in.
  • This map is built on version 1.13, and the download is 1.13+ only.
  • The map includes 9 unique houses with full interiors, burial mounds, stables, and many other details and features.
  • The dimensions of the terrain are 535 x 511 blocks exactly.
  • Planet Minecraft post.

Resource Pack

  • We highly recommend the use of our custom resource pack when exploring this map.
  • You can download it here.


  • Project Leader: the_pharaohs_cat; Project Overseer: Tobberz; Project Deputy: LimeeFox; Terrain Leader: Enoshade.
  • Thanks to all the members of the EpicQuestz build team who helped out!
  • A further thanks to LimeeFox for the cinematic and screenshots.
Do not re-host this download anywhere else.