Rohan: Helm’s Deep

Features & Info

  • Read about the history and lore of this famous location on this Tolkien Gateway article.
  • This map is built on version 1.13 for the Java version of the game. As such, it can only be played on versions above that.
  • The map includes some of the Ered Nimrais around the Deeping-coomb, alongside the Deeping Stream flowing out through the Deeping Wall. It also, of course, includes the Hornburg, the tower with the Horn of Helm Hammerhand atop it, the keep, and the Glittering Caves.
  • The dimensions of the map are 649 x 436 blocks exactly.
  • Planet Minecraft post.

Resource Pack

  • This map was built with EQPack 3.0.
  • While we can’t require you to view the build with this, we highly recommend you use the latest version of our Resource Pack with this build, which can be found here.


  • Project Leader: the_pharaohs_cat; Project Overseer: Tobberz; Terrain Leader: Enoshade.
  • Thanks to all the members of the EpicQuestz build team who helped out!
  • A further thanks to LimeeFox for the cinematic and most of the screenshots.
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