Part of the Rohan Project

Background Info

  • Grimslade is home of Grimbold, a lesser Marshal of the Riddermark.
  • Read about the history and lore of this location on this Tolkien Gateway article.
  • This map was released on version 1.17 for the Java version of the game. As such, it can only be played on versions compatible with that.


  • The map includes a portion of the White Mountains, to the South and West. Grimslade’s prosperity relies on horse breeding for the Rohirrim of the Westfold. To the north of the little town flow some washes, and beyond the river, grassy plains are sometimes interrupted by little forests.
  • The town comprises 42 fully decorated buildings, including unique interiors.
  • We highly recommend the use of the Rohan Pack for this map, which is packaged with the download and should activate automatically.
  • Dimensions: 1536 x 1664
  • [PMC Post]
  • Resource Pack: Eriador Pack
  • Project Leader: LimeeFox
  • Terrain Leader: Enoshade

Thanks to all the members of the EpicQuestz Build Team who helped out, and to the Media Team for beautiful screenshots.

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