Guest is the default rank players receive when they first join the server at build.epicquestz.com. Guests are allowed two plots in the standard plotworld, but are not permitted to receive direct help from others on their plots. Every rank from Guest upwards has access to Voxelsniper & WorldEdit.


Novice is the highest non-member rank on the server. Novices are allowed three plots in the standard plot world, and can add people to their plots in order to receive further guidance and advice on their building.

Promotion to Novice occurs once a Guest has proved they can build to a decent standard alone, through the creation of a single standard plot.


Builder is the standard building rank, and the lowest member rank. They can build on active projects, and carry out important jobs for higher ranks. Builders may use Worldedit and Voxelsniper within the projects they are working on, and are allowed four plots in the standard plotworld, as well as one plot in the large plotworld.

Promotion to Builder requires a good, fully terrained plot in the standard plotworld, with a demonstration of well built, detailed structures with full interiors. Players may be promoted to Builder from Novice or directly from Guest.


Artists rank directly above builder, and are appointed for merit in creating structures and terrain, though they will often specialize in one aspect of building. Artists have access to the freebuild world, and are allowed eight plots in the standard plotworld, as well as two plots in the large plotworld.

Artists are permitted to lead Tier 2 projects, or deputize for a higher rank on Tier 2 projects.

Promotion to Artist requires at least a proficiency in Worldedit & Voxelsniper, as well as one exceptional plot in the large plotworld. In addition, candidates must show a dedication to the server and regularly work on projects.


Designers hold the highest achievable member rank, and are counted as members of staff. Designers are well-established members of the EpicQuestz team, and have extensive tools in order to allow them to create to the best of their abilities. They have full access to WorldEdit & Voxelsniper and can bypass region permissions in order to help wherever they can.

Designers may lead Tier 1 or Tier 2 projects.

Promotion to Designer has no specific requirements. Designers are chosen by the Server Leadership for showing a high standard of structure and terrain creation, as well as for demonstrating their helpfulness to the server and lower ranks. They will already be well-established members of the build team, and hold a high-quality portfolio of work.

Creator & Admin

Admins are part of the Server Leadership, and play a major role behind the scenes in ensuring the server runs smoothly.

Creators are the ultimate authority on EpicQuestz. They approve and oversee projects, and control the long-term direction of the server.