Ranks & Roles

EpicQuestz uses a dual system of server Ranks and Project Roles. Both are explained in-detail below – but you can find more information on how our projects are organised and how the server operates in the Guides section of our Forums.


Our ranks are split up into four sections – Leadership, Staff, Members, and non-Members. Each of these sections contains two ranks, and they are explained below. Ranks and the rank hierarchy operate across the entire server, but mainly come into operation outside the structure of a project – see the Project Roles guide on the forums for more.



Creator is the highest rank of the server, and only two people hold this rank – Tobberz and Gelek. They steer the overall direction of the server, make major decisions on projects, lead the release of maps to the public, and oversee current projects. In many ways they are the traditional “admins” of the EpicQuestz server.


Working with the two creators is an Admin – StealWonders. His realm is behind-the-scenes, ensuring the server and its services run smoothly. Although fulfilling the role of a System Administrator is his primary function, StealWonders also does some work in-game.


Designer is the principle staff building rank. It is the highest achievable build-oriented rank for normal players, and in many ways is the bridge between the Leadership and the rest of the build team. Designers effectively have all permissions they need to get the job done, and play a major role in leading projects.

Manager is a rank with many of the same permissions as Designer, but is appointed based on a different sort of merit. Rather than skill at building, Managers are appointed for their ability to organise the build team and ensure project jobs get done.


Artist is the highest Member rank, and they have access to a few extra perks – for instance access to the Freebuild world and extra plots. Artists are appointed for having skill above and beyond that of a normal builder – but often specifically in a particular area such as terrain, or a certain mode of building. Artists can also lead minor projects in order to prove their abilities and perhaps be promoted to Designer. For a Builder to be promoted to Artist it is necessary that they build one exemplary plot in the Large Plots world.

Builder is the standard Member rank, and it is once a player has achieved this rank that they can help out on EpicQuestz projects. Novices can be promoted to Builder by building a good plot in the Standard Plots world. Builders can also claim one plot in the Large Plots world, which will count towards their promotion to Artist.


There are two Non-Member ranks – Guest and Novice. Guest is the rank every player has when they first join the server, and can claim up to two plots in the Standard Plots world. A Guest can be promoted to Novice if they make a good plot in this world, and then a Novice can be promoted to builder if they make a second plot of an acceptably good quality.