Ongoing Projects

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Thorin’s Halls

The mines deep within Thorin’s Halls.

Project Leader: LimeeFox
Project Overseer: Tobberz

Located in the Blue Mountains (Ered Luin), these halls were established in T.A. 2802 by Thorin Oakenshield’s father, Thráin II, following their exile from Erebor. Under Thorin’s rule, his people prospered. Here he ruled for nearly 100 years, before embarking on the quest to retake Erebor from Smaug the dragon (as told in The Hobbit). This map is set during this time of prosperity, before Erebor was retaken by the Dwarves.

Minas Tirith

The Citadel of Minas Tirith.

Project Leader: the_pharaohs_cat
Project Overseer: Tobberz

Minas Tirith was the capital of Gondor during the second half of the Third Age. It came under heavy attack during the War of the Ring, where it was the site of the pivotal Battle of the Pellenor Fields. EpicQuestz have built a few iterations of this great city before (released and unreleased), however they were built many years ago and their quality no longer lives up to standards.