EpicQuestz was founded in 2011 by three friends, with the simple aim of building in Minecraft and showing it to the world. Through their YouTube channel they brought to the world creations from various places, but eventually settled on the Middle Earth of J.R.R. Tolkien and Peter Jackson. These three founding friends were Lockrules (Conrad), Speedycheese and wheresthewayout.

In November 2012, EpicQuestz was approached by sjoerdtim to provide maps for a new LOTR-themed PvP Siege server, called Empire War. Ever since, EpicQuestz and Empire War have worked closely together to bring Middle-Earth themed maps not just to the community to download, but also to play PvP on and re-enact the great battles of Tolkien’s world.

A time after this great partnership began, EpicQuestz opened our first server in order to allow the Empire War community to help build their own maps. This soon branched out into a full on Middle-Earth project around 2013-2014, in which time maps such as Osgiliath, Erebor, Laketown, Dale and Edoras were created. You can still see Lockrules’ build updates from this time on our YouTube channel.

By 2016, EpicQuestz was still actively working on projects with a strong community, however by the Summer EpicQuestz’ future looked uncertain. Our source of funds – Empire War, had shut down. Although EpicQuestz continued alone for a few months, unfortunately the server ceased to exist (temporarily!) by the 2017 New Year.

But that is the past! With Empire War’s return in 2017, EpicQuestz did too, and greater than ever! We re-designed two old maps specifically for the resurgent server (Dale & Erebor), and since then have released our greatest map yet – Edhellond. Although Lockrules and the original founders have moved on, we are still as motivated and active as ever to continue bringing creations to the community, for free.