~ EpicQuestz Middle-Earth Progress Letter #51 ~

Hello, my readers! It's Monday – Time for a new update letter!
There's quite alot of stuff to be excited about, but stay calm and read!

First of all, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Merry Orthodox Christmas!
We've finally published Edhellond, so be sure to check our social media and the Planet Minecraft post out!

We also published EpicQuestz as a server:

I have modified the casual weekly letter format by adding a new sub-category, Miscellaneous, so that the introduction part doesn't get too big.



Minas Tirith revamp: (Work in Progress)
A couple of new interiors were made, and pretty much all of the old unecessary buildings were demolished. The upper levels are boiling in building activity. The terraforming has also shown progress, mostly at the back of the city.

Umbar: (Paused)
The terrain has been made using an application outside Minecraft. We're waiting for the project leaders to be ready to start the building process...

Thorin's Halls: (Work in Progress)

We planned out the forges and decorated an office structure with interior props. We built a bridge over a waterfall for a mine cart that would be used to move mined gold into the gold washing area, which is slowly being worked on aswell. Ores are being slowly added into the mines, and a big beautiful crane has been built (visible on the right of the showcase screenshot).

SG/HG map: (Indefinite Hold)
It's on an indefinite hold.

Siege of Isengard: (Indefinite Hold)
If you are familiar with our team, and occasionally read weekly progress letters, you know that this map was being revamped for Empire War to be playable in PvP mode for a couple of months, lately. Now, we need feedback from Empire War's owner for further building process.


Congratulations to the_pharaohs_cat who made it to Designer!
Congratulations to Danilem for being promoted to Artist!
Congratulations to Savitarr for being promoted to Builder!

Featured Creation:
This week's featured creation, is Savitarr's plot, that gave him the rank of Builder.



The ranks of Architect and Designer have merged into Designer, but the only difference there was before this update, was that Designer wrote update letters and reviewed applications.

It also has been decided that paused projects will be removed from the Weekly Update Letters until they are unpaused (however they will appear in these letters only the week it has been paused).


Very productive 3 weeks, and we're very happy to have finally released Edhellond publically! Thanks again to everyone who worked on the city, and it's release! Here is a little surprise, that hasn't ever figured on My update letters yet. Edhellond's cinematic!
YouTube update: