~ EpicQuestz Middle-Earth Progress Letter #50 ~

It's EpicQuestz's official 50th letter! And it doesn't come so simply! GREAT and EPIC changes & questz made and accomplished! We revived our twitter account, and will be from now on occasionally tweeting many different things there, which is a chance for you to view sneak peaks or news there! Follow it now: https://twitter.com/EpicQuestz

We updated our server to 1.13+, which means we can now build using the new blocks, despite a few bugs yet to be fixed. The ranks of Traveller & Novice have been merged into 1 rank: Guest! Apprentice has been renamed to Novice, and now everyone has full access to World Edit, Voxel Sniper, GoPaint and GoBrush!
We also updated our Planet Minecraft's "About" section. Our server IP has been changed back to build.epicquestz.com, as it was a while ago🙂A new map, Umbar, is now started, while Empire War's Isengard revamp is complete.
We've got a new server spawn built by Gelek about which I left a bit more information below...



Umbar: (Work in Progress)
Led by _Kicker19_ and Gelek, this is an anciant numenorian city and harbour that was captured by black numenorians who dominated there for a very long time.

Thorin's Halls: (Work in Progress)
There is going to be a big plan thread posted as soon as possible on our Forums. Otherwise we changed the diamond terrain to stone, that's no blue mountains anymore! The thumbnail image is featuring the valley of the Little Lune river.

SG/HG map: (Indefinite Hold)
The map is not far from done, though slow building activity still covers the building sites on the map, and Gelek is no longer motivated to handle it anymore.

Siege of Isengard: (Complete)
Only capture flags are to be placed, otherwise, the map revamp is complete and will go on Empire War as a siege map.

Congratulations to stavrdaf for being promoted to Builder!

Featured Creation:
This week, I'm featuring Gelek's new spawn for our build server; an airship above a small lake surrounded by cliffs! What a warm welcome to our Guests!

The release of Edhellond is approaching, but I encourage you to follow us on twitter and I hope you liked this 50th Update Letter edition!