~ EpicQuestz Middle-Earth Progress Letter #47 ~

Hello there! It has been a while since the last letter, but luckily last week we got around and did some progress! I have also other news to say: Tobberz updated our Discord server, so now the channels are in correct categories and the #plot channel is now available for everyone.
If you haven't already, join our discord server and be the first to know about new progress and sneak peaks of our work! https://discord.gg/gqSqK9q



SG/HG map: (
Work in Progress)
It is a surprise!

Siege of Isengard: (
Work in Progress)
A very few terrain updates happened, but most importindily, we finished a few pits and decorated a part of the surface! I won't go into details, but briefly explaining, there's a little forge pit, a mine pit and the surface has many more towers as well as other structures like wheels, cranes and cisterns.

There were no promotions yet...

Featured Creation:
This week, I'm featuring my recreation of Mount Doom's interior, build in the largeplot world! Here comes the thread for more info: https://tinyurl.com/ybdnlz6v


There is a chance that next friday another letter will come out, but we will see how our builders act! As you might have noticed, I had to remove Rivendell for it is paused to a point that we won't return to it anytime soon, but it stays in our priority list, at some point. I also would like to point out that StealWonder's plugin that he made for us (which includes pinging players when typing their names, or hierarchic order of players in tab list) has been updated fixing a few bugs! Thank you Steal!