~ EpicQuestz Middle-Earth Progress Letter #33 ~

Greetings readers. It's time for another progress letter, with some Important news that I need to share with you. First things first, Dol Guldur is no longer a project due to inactivity and unclear future. We didn't come up with plans for it. Black Gate is resumed though!



Black Gate v2: (Work in Progress)
Most of the Landscape is terraformed and the project is active again. Alot of new camps and tents are added with a few small kind-of villages of Rhun, Harad and orcs. An area with warg pits is also built (see picture above).

Minas Tirith revamp: (Paused)
the_pharaohs_cat is gone for a little bit, so we wait till he is back. It got a few more plans done however.

Edhellond: (Work in Progress)
We almost finished the harbour and added more walls to 1st level. We built a mosoleum of Amroth, prince of Lorien on 4th level and built a long wall with many towers surrounding the citadel and it's infrastructure that are also being built. A big villa is also slowly appearing on the slope. The forest is also done, therefore we will add one or two wood cut hutts.

Demoted CluckmanTheDerp, agenkolar and JerrySox to builder.

Congratulations to koohikoo for being promoted to Builder!
Congratulations to robobadger for being promoted to Builder!
Congratulations to Rikumaru for being promoted to Builder!
Congratulations to Craig_Gavinson for being promoted to Designer
Congratulations to _Kicker19_ for being promoted to Designer!
Featured Creation:
This week, the featured creation is Pythonawe's and Craig_Gavinson's Scarry quarry in the north of the shire. It already was once featured, however due to the outdated version of our current Middle Earth map, it was all gone.


I didn't mention it in the opening, but this week, as you can notice, there are major promotions. Next week expect progress on Black Gate and Edhellond. And we will see what else can we expect as featured creation. See you!