~ EpicQuestz Middle-Earth Progress Letter #31 ~

We haven't done much progress last week, however we didn't idle. So here is an update



Black Gate v2: (Paused)
Nothing new.

Minas Tirith revamp: (Work in Progress)
The city has got a few new interiors, however besides that, it has been paused a bit. It will be active again when the_pharaohs_cat solves his real life stuff.

Edhellond: (Work in Progress)
We've got a new gatehouse ready for pasting. I finished the citadel exterior and am now doing interior. The builders are making designs for 4th level, rich houses and gardens. The terrain has got some painting done too, not too much though. A big part of underground holes were fixed, which is very good.
Dol Guldur: (Paused)
Nothing new.

No promotions this week.

Featured Creation:
This week I'm featuring the Bodiam castle, a recreation from real life by Axe_Villager and WhiteDireWolf!


This update was very short and small, the EpicQuestz leaders are busy with life or other stuff, so we can not do alot of progress. Atleast you are informed about what's going on in the team, so see you in the next update.