~ EpicQuestz Middle-Earth Progress Letter #29 ~

Another letter there! Last week we worked hard on Edhellond, adding farms and new sections. Minas Tirith has also showed it's ability to do nice progress.



Black Gate v2: (Paused)
Nothing to share about it. It hasn't been touched.

Minas Tirith revamp: (Work in Progress)
First level's big square has got more decoration and more plants. Some interiors were also made there. A few new houses were built too. The hallows, or the silent street (behind the citadel) has now a few more tombs, and hopefully will have more later.

Edhellond: (Work in Progress)
We added toilets around the city and so, started building sewers. We also started slowly planning out 4th level, where rich people will live which will have a majority of gardens more than houses. We already built the wall at the edge of that level. The Citadel has also been started. There is a whole new "level" for soldiers, a big training ground with a barracks building fortified with walls. We also redid the tower at the edge of the city. It is now 2x smaller, better designed and has a beacon on it (not belonging to the beacons of Amon Din).

Another thing, there is a new design for walls on 1st level, so they will be getting replaced during the 2 coming weeks. The harbour has now got a ship workshop where ships are being made or in some cases repaired, however interior isn't done yet.

The terrain is also done now, however more colouring will be done in approximately 2 weeks. We also will be readding water in the rivers & sea soon. There is a forest planned on the western side of the map and a bridge to the north of the city. Thanks to StealWonders for that motivation and work😀
Finally, we started building the farm fields including plants such as carrots, beetroots, wheat and a some trees that make food as-well. There are 2 fields (seen in the picture), the eastern one, and western one. The Eastern field is almost done, we just need to add more details and props, and finish the farm houses. The Western field which is on the picture, is still going to be worked on next week. We hope to see them done or almost done by the next update letter.

Dol Guldur: (Paused)
We are too concentrated on the other projects, so we can not do anything.

WhiteDireWolf has been promoted to builder, Congratz!+

Featured Creation:
This week, another build by the_pharaohs_cat, which is the ship workshop of Edhellond!


As you can conclude, Edhellond is gone wild (in the positive sense of this word), probably the biggest description of a project in a progress letter so far. We will still be mainly focused on it with Minas Tirith going on as-well. See you in the next letter and have a nice week!