~ EpicQuestz Middle-Earth Progress Letter #28 ~

Hello hello! It's time for another update letter! I'm sorry for not posting one last week, but I'll try to make sure you'll get weekly letters for this month. They will release on Mondays. We mainly worked on Edhellond for the past 2 weeks with some progress on Minas Tirith aswell.



Black Gate v2: (Paused)
We haven't done any progress on it, so there is nothing to say here.

Minas Tirith revamp: (
Work in Progress)
Some parts on the mountain-side on third/fourth levels were a little bit worked on. A platform is being planned out there. Otherwise, the_pharaohs_cat worked on first level. He did progress on the square that got that accident months ago (if you remember) and it's soon done. He also started a new square on first level which is going to be the biggest in the city. Some rocks have also been added on the other side of the level.

Edhellond: (
Work in Progress)
Third level has got a little new path to the 4th level gate, and a tower on the 4th level wall has been built. We added walls and towers to first level, we are going to make 2 gates soon aswell. Almost all first level houses are finished and almost every market stall has it's own decoration. We are still finalizing them. A little more vegetation was added too. We started the area between city and harbour, which includes alot of nice trees and vegetation with 2 carts.

Dol Guldur: (
Small Progress)
The bridge to the fortress was redone, but it still is no progress otherwise...


Congratulations to WillFrostStorm on builder!
Congratulations to Axe_Villager for getting desinger! yaah!

Featured Creation:
This week I'm featuring the wonderful plot made by WillFrostStorm which gave him builder rank!



We will try to start 4th level next week, everything depends on our activity. Minas Tirith will have progress on 1st level (most likely). Other than that, nothing else to say. See you in the next update!