~ EpicQuestz Middle-Earth Progress Letter #27 ~

Hello everybody, new and old! This week I am writing a progress letter only after 5 days from the last one. Don't worry, that's because next week im going to ski with family and friends (like tim once did in a progress letter) but anyways, we've got stuff to share before I quickly go afk for 5 days.


Black Gate v2: (Work in Progress)
StealWonders is terraforming while thebeserker is planning out the terrain. We wait for them to finish the landscape to then resume building structures.

Minas Tirith revamp: (
Work in Progress)
The hallows have got a new big building. Level 1 has done some progress and level 4 has got some too. All of the sandstone ground is now double stone slabs. A part of the pellenor fields are also being terraformed.

Edhellond: (
Work in Progress)
3rd level has less than 1/3 left to build. We added a GREAT TON of amazing decorations (crates, plants, vegetation, potted plants, parks, trees, market stall deco etc etc...) and 13 new interiors this week. We've got new houses aswell and the 1st level will be done soon. We finished all plans concerning vegetation in the city (at that moment) and almost all streets are ready on 1st level.

Dol Guldur: (Paused)
Still no progress.


Congratulations to Pythonawe for being promoted to builder for his effort on Edhellond! Welcome back in our team :d

Featured Creation:
This week, I'm featuring not not a build, but a nice teamwork. Yes, teamwork is a good creation, especially this small team :d


It isn't sure if we are going to have much progress next week. All of Edhellond tasks are done, we will see if we can help out Black Gate and Minas Tirith while we plan further city out. Thanks and see you in the next update!