~ EpicQuestz Middle-Earth Progress Letter #25 ~

Greetings! Here is our update letter for the past 3 weeks. There hasn't been enough progress to make letters for the 2 previous weeks but now we've got enough! During that time, we've got promotions and just progress on our maps.



Black Gate v2: (Paused)
We did some progress on the camps and Gelek finished the fortress but we now need to change the plans due to various reasons so at the current state, it is paused.

Minas Tirith revamp: (Work in Progress)
An accident occured monday and a part of the first level progress was ruined using voxel sniper. We are now fixing it and so changed a bit the look of what was originally RE-built.

Edhellond: (Work in Progress)
We are redoing the 3rd level wall at the side and we planned out a few more houses there and added a little garden. More is going to be done soon.

Dol Guldur: (Work in Progress)
I am making the forest around the fortress while the fortress itself is being modified by the_pharaohs_cat.

Congratulations to
- Schnitzel200 for being promoted to Builder!
- _JosiahHanly_ for being promoted to Builder!
- Drunk_Irishman for being promoted to Builder!
Featured Creation:
This week, I'm featuring Craig_Gavinson's mines plot build and the_pharaohs_cat's medieval house plot build!

Alot of us are very busy, Tobberz is gone for a bit but he will come back. However as you may notice we got some promotions and hopefully will promote even more people this coming week(s). The rest of the active members got a tiny bit less active than before, but we are still around there. I myself am busy with real life too but I try my best to come on to help a bit. See you in the next letter!