~ EpicQuestz Middle-Earth Progress Letter #24 ~

This week we've got the most progress than for my previous letters, we worked on all projects hardly! A lot of promotions and another small projects added. We added Black gate and Minas Tirith into the projects page. Sjoerdtim also recovered the Middle-Earth file from May 2015 and it is now on the server and there also is a dynmap for it. Here is the link: https://map.empirewar.org/



Black Gate v2: (Work in Progress)
Our team has now focused on this map, we finished the main gate and the area behind it. We added Gothmog's tent and a cave leading to a bridge over the big ravine. On the other side of it, there is a tent camp which is being built and then a big fortress being built by Gelek. Alot of terrain has been made too.

Minas Tirith revamp: (Work in Progress)
A Market was added to the southern side of the first level and the area around second gate has showed steady progress. All of the old houses are now demolished to give space for new ones.

Edhellond: (Work in Progress)
All interiors for the current first level houses are finished, however more houses are being built. We are slowly adding the wall that will be surrounding the first level. We also added more houses to the third level and a little decoartion.

Dol Guldur: (Resumed)
Since sjoerdtim recovered the Middle-Earth files, I copied Dol Guldur on a plot and redid trees, more trees are still to be added. With the_pharaohs_cat's help, we will be editing the already built fortress built by adamrob2002 with help of others.

Congratulations to
- Thijspvp3030 for being promoted to Builder!
- aaronjnc for being promoted to Builder (Welcome back)!
- Bloxen for being promoted to Builder!
- Axe_Villager on being promoted to Builder!

Featured Creation:
This week I'm featuring Gothmog's tent built by Jorimd (and surrounding by builders) and the market-place made by the_pharaohs_cat.

2018-01-08_16.44.44_1515427131.png 2018-01-08_16.44.25_1515427132.png
We will quickly finish Dol Guldur but also will build on Black Gate and slowly work on Edhellond & Minas Tirith. The Middle-Earth map could possibly be worked as-well but the place is missing Rivendell, Fornost, Rhosgobel and Iron Hills due to it's outdated. But holidays ended and a lot of us have to work, so let's hope we will have free time for building new stuff.