~ EpicQuestz Middle-Earth Progress Letter #23 ~
Happy new year 2018 from the entire build team! This week we've had plenty of new stuff built and lots of progress on all projects. We are having some problems with the plugins, but we are trying to fix them! Alot of our builders are more active now because of the holidays.


Black Gate v2: (Work in Progress)
Using Gelek's design, I have built the rest of the walls and the towers. Everything which is remaining to the gate itself is the troll paths, the ones on which trolls walked pushing or pulling a big stick to open the gate. Antzorg is terraforming the ground now and our team started making tents and camps. Specifically, zoomerenhd builds the majority of them.

Minas Tirith revamp: (Work in Progress)
New catapult, siege tower and market stall designs were made. Old buildings are being demolished still. The_pharaohs_cat built new ones on first, second, fifth and sixth levels this week. Alot of new houses are also outlined now.

Edhellond: (Work in Progress)
New outlines have been made for remaining houses on first level, and the third level was resumed as well as the docks. We are also continueing to add vegetation here and there and the terrain paint has been started. Interiors are being slowly inserted as-well.

Congratulations Thijspvp3030 on getting builder rank!

Featured Creation:
This week, we feature the campments by zoomerenhd, standing there behind the black gate!


We have got some bugs with the plot world, alot of recently claimed plots are marked unclaimed however the builds are still on them. plots that got merged recently will ruin your build if you reclaim it and remerge it. REGARDLESS THE BIG PROBLEMS, I WISH YOU A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!