~ EpicQuestz Middle-Earth Progress Letter #20 ~
This week wasn't obvious since most of the work has been done friday and this weekend! We've got for both of the projects a very describeful paragraph. Christmas is also approaching with probably some events on EmpireWar. Participate in the Giveaway and await new stuff! More info on EmpireWar's website www.empirewar.org . As promised, see the Black gate how it is so far!



Black Gate v2: (Work in Progress)
I terraformed the mountains, and still am working on them. De_Mik is helping to fix bugs in them to avoid some aesthetical disfunctions and we aim to start building the Gate. This didn't stop us from eastereggs! Painting the terrain will probably be done by someone else than me, however we can not promise you for it to be done next week. You can now look for LimeFox's easteregg somewhere on the map... a hint will be shown in featured creations.

Edhellond (Work In Progress)
Tobberz is closer and closer to the accomplishment of his duty which is redoing first level. He has built alot of Houses by himself, but some team mebers also made a few. Some houses were made by several builders at a time! That's a sign of a teamwork😀Some interiors have been done aswell. We plan to have a dense housing with small streets where we'll place market stalls, however there still will be space for market squares and parks! barteldvn has made some progress on the terrain and landscape of the project. One of the two paths to the arch was finished, and we might build the second one next week!

Nothing to say here.

Featured Creation
This week we've got two featured creations! The first one is showing us first level, or better say a part of it. We hide some secrets from you behind the fog... Second one is the easteregg mentioned at the top of the letter.

Next week we will try to start the Gate itself on the Black Gate project and for what concerns Edhellond, we aim to get closer to first level's finish. We are trying our best to stay active on build! Don't forget to read EmpireWar's latest news letter where you can participate in a Giveaway of a donator rank and more!! http://www.empirewar.org/home/m/5312441/article/4587885 I would also be happy to read what you think of our progress so far below. See you in the next post!