~ EpicQuestz Middle-Earth Progress Letter #18 ~
We've had done enough progress for this week's update letter. Remember that you can apply on www.epicquestz.com/apply Otherwise, the server is now join-able via 1.12.2 only.


Black Gate v2: (Work In Progress)
We've got a lot of members to build different designs for the black gate to see which one is better. This coming week, thebeserker is going to use one of them (or none) and really start the project.

Edhellond (Work In Progress)
The big arch (entrance into the realm) was finished (picture above) and a path to it is being made. We also started redoing level 1 of the city (total ~4 levels) and as the level 2 is complete, we slowly work on level 3. The reterraforming also got a lot of progress. A bit more far, closer to the arch, we've got a small side-port which is more than halfway done. This week we did clear progress, good work to all the builders.

mrpeterb has been promoted to builder! Welcome back!
nobody has been promoted to designer.

Featured Creation

This week we've got 1 featured creation: a Test build mainly inspired by Gelek and made by LimeeFox.

We are aiming to get more people promoted next week, we will see. Edhellond makes good progress and this week Black Gate should be starting slowly. Let's see if this time builders will make enough progress for a letter! However a lot of us are still busy with life. See you in the next update!