~ EpicQuestz Middle-Earth Progress Letter #17 ~
Well, a lot of you missed these updates, and here we come back with another weekly updates series!!! Yay!
I couldn't convince one of our almighty Founders sjoerdtim to make a build update, so (sadly or not) I will be trying to as weekly as possible, write some for you! SOOOoo to start off, let's get to it! We also updated our server to 1.12.2 Sunday 19th so we can now access new amazing blocks!

Black Gate v2: (Work In Progress)
We started the project Saturday 18th, so we didn't do very much. We are aiming to make it as much PvP-friendly as possible, since after it's done, its going on EmpireWar as a siege map! *Cheers* It is led by thebeserker.

Edhellond: (Work In Progress)
This project was started near the end of spring and wasn't a main project, but after summer was over it became our official team project that is now somewhat ~30% done. barteldvn was tasked to fix the terrain a bit so we are waiting for this phase to be done to get back to building structures on it. It is led by LimeeFox (aka me)

Middle-Earth minimap: (Complete)
Led by Tobberz and thebeserker, with help of the entire team, we made a mini-Middle-Earth for the anniversary event. The mini locations are a bit oversized comparing to the mini-terrain. But we made this mini-project for the mini-event in a minimal time. Something around 2 and a half weeks! Woof... Tied of all it... mini mini mini...

We have had a multitude of promotions over the past 6 months... Too long to say! However our latest promotions are shown on the main site page.
You can have a full list of our builders on http://www.epicquestz.com/members/

Featured Creation
This week's featured creation(s) is one of JerrySox's builds over the last week!

This was a bit short, there isn't much to say... The updates might or might not be weekly. It was the cause in some of the previous build updates that is accurate even now: we are all a bit busy with life, and not much progress is being made, but I will try my best to keep you guys up to date! Stay tuned for the next update and see you in the next post!!