~ EpicQuestz Middle-Earth Progress Letter #16 ~
Well, we've had another pause, this time more like 4 months. But in the meantime we did work!
We just forgot to update you all :p So here's the update you've all been waiting for!


Isengard: (Work in progress)
We're working very hard on improving Isengard. It now has a lot of new terrain, caves, new dam, more buildings and we're still working on improving it. This update will eventually be pushed to Siege and PlanetMinecraft as well.

Rivendell: (Slow progress)
Rivendell hasn't had a lot of progress.

Iron Hills: (Work in progress)
More housing and forges are finished. The throne room is also finished.

Moria: (Paused)
Only_God fell asleep. We don't know when he'll awaken and finish moria.

Fornost: (Paused)
Fornost is still glitching, so we paused work on that.

No one has been promoted to Builder.
Congratulations to Tobberz for being promoted to Artist!

Featured creation
This week's featured creation(s) are the Iron Hill forges, mainly built by Tobberz.


Because we're all still very busy, and usually even forget posting these letters, we cannot promise there being one of those next week or even the week after that.
I will try to post as many updates here as possible, but a lot of our people are still busy with exams or other business.
YouTube Update

This update is from about a while ago, but it concerns Isengard so it fits the update anyways.