Erebor (PvP Edition)

The great gate of Erebor. Credit: LimeeFox

Features & Info

  • Map released August 2017.
  • Built on version 1.12 (can be used with 1.13 with conversion, although there may be some errors).
  • This map was built for the Empire War PvP server, which runs siege maps based on Middle-Earth locations.
  • The map entrance area is based on our older version of Erebor (see the map archive section), but the rest of the map has been redone significantly.
  • As it is designed for a linear PvP gamemode, this is not a lore-accurate creation.

Resource Pack

Due to the dominant use of re-textured bricks, we do not recommend the use of the default Resource pack. You have two options to view this map in it’s full glory.

  • Use the EpicQuestz Resource Pack [link]
  • Use the Conquest Resource Pack [link] along with the Erebor-Bricks Pack [link] on top, which includes re-coloured bricks to give it the colour used in the trailer and screenshots.



Below are downloads for the Java Edition (.zip, for classic PC installations) and the Bedrock Edition (.mcworld, for all other versions, including Windows 10 edition).

Do not re-host this file anywhere else.
Do not re-host this file anywhere else.