The citadel of Edhellond. Credit: Enoshade

Features & Info

  • Map released January 2019.
  • Be sure to check the Tolkien Gateway for some background lore information. We’ve based our Edhellond early in the Second Age.
  • Map dimensions are 951×1036.
  • Built on version 1.12 (can be used on 1.13 with conversion, although there me be some errors).
  • 125 buildings spread over 5 levels.
  • A harbour area with ships.
  • Every building is fully interiored and detailed.

Resource Pack

  • Although it is not necessary to use the official resource pack, we recommend you do due to the modified quartz (and other) textures in the official EQ pack.
  • You can download the pack from here.

Important Links


Project Leader: LimeeFox
Project Overseer: Tobberz
See in-game board for detailed credits.


Below are downloads for the Java Edition (.zip, for classic PC installations) and the Bedrock Edition (.mcworld, for all other versions, including Windows 10 edition).

Do not re-host this file anywhere else.
Do not re-host this file anywhere else.

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