Dale (PvP Edition)

The city of Dale before its destruction. Credit: LimeeFox

Features & Info

  • Map released October 2017.
  • Built on version 1.12 (can be used with 1.13 with conversion, although there may be some errors).
  • This map was built for the Empire War PvP server, which runs siege maps based on Middle-Earth locations. However, since the release of this map the version on that server has been altered considerably.
  • The map is based on our older version of Dale (see the map archive section), and altered to fit better with the gamemode required.
  • It is not necessary that you use a Resource Pack with this map, although you are free to use the official EpicQuestz pack.

Project Leader: thebeserker
Project Overseer: Tobberz


Below are downloads for the Java Edition (.zip, for classic PC installations) and the Bedrock Edition (.mcworld, for all other versions, including Windows 10 edition.)

Do not re-host this file anywhere else.
Do not re-host this file anywhere else.