Donate to EpicQuestz

Help keep our server & downloads up!

Donating is the only source of funding EpicQuestz has. Your generosity ensures that our servers, downloads, website, forums, and general file storage stays up and running. This is, of course, vital for both our build team and the community as a whole.

Excess donations from any given month are simply put into reserves, and used in months in which we do not get enough donations. At the moment, our services cost about €30/mo.

Should you donate, we show our gratitude towards you with an in-game rank and some perks. These are fairly minor: the main benefit of donating is having a server to play on! Check out the ranks below, then click here or at the bottom of the page to head to the store page!

Rank: Iron | €10

Donate €10 to EpicQuestz.

  • Receive the following in-game ’emote’ commands:
    • /shrug | ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
    • /tableflip (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ 
    • /unflip ┬─┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) 
    • /riot
  • [Donor] tag on discord.
  • Mention in donation hall of fame in-game & on website.
  • Unlimited homes (via /sethome and /home).
  • Access to infinite plots in the standard plotworld (/warp plots)

Rank: Gold | €15

Donate €25 to EpicQuestz

  • Receive all the perks of the Iron Donation.
  • Access to custom join & leave messages.
  • Access to plot claiming on the 500×500 size plotworld.
  • Access to custom colours in chat using Minecraft colour codes.
  • Access to /hat command.

Rank: Emerald | €30

Donate €40 to EpicQuestz

  • Receive all the perks of the Gold donation.
  • Download small & medium plots.
  • Access to custom pets using the PetBlocks plugin.
  • Access to the /tptoggle command to prevent other users from teleporting to you (excluding Creators & Admins).
  • View the freebuild world (/warp freebuild)!

Rank: Diamond | €45

Donate €55 to EpicQuestz

  • Receive all the perks of the Emerald donation.
  • Access to the holograms plugin to create custom floating text (in-development!)
  • Access to the Discord serverchat.
    • This allows you to read the in-game chat from Discord, and type messages through Discord which will show up in-game.

Rank: Obsidian | €60

Donate €70 to EpicQuestz

  • Receive all the perks of the Diamond donation.
  • Access to infinite plots in the large plotworld.
  • Ability to use the Jukebox Plugin!
  • Special mention on Website & Discord.
  • TBA:
    • In-game particle effects.
    • Extra custom emotes.

Special Mentions:

Thank you to raarmaarwaar and BorinSwordbane for donating over €60 to the server each, paying for at least 4 months between them.


  • If you want to donate more than the top rank noted here, that’s entirely possible but you won’t get any extra perks for it!
  • If you notice any of these perks are missing or broken, be sure to message @Tobberz#1901 on Discord.
  • Have any ideas for new perks? Be sure to let us know!