Bedrock Edition Downloads!

We have added Bedrock Edition (.mcworld) downloads to the four main maps on our Downloads page, to go along with our current Java Edition (.zip) downloads.

Thanks to Discord user and EpicQuestz fan wiredawgy#1680 for converting these worlds, it really opens up a whole new audience to our maps.

For those who don’t know, Bedrock Edition encompasses the versions of Minecraft that include what used to be known as ‘Pocket Edition’, along with the Console and Windows 10 specific versions. Since the Better Together update, these have been united under one roof, and renamed simply to ‘Minecraft’, with the original game renamed to ‘Java Edition’. As such, it seems Bedrock is being nurtured as the future of Minecraft.

If you have any questions about these new downloads, or need support in terms of the Bedrock Edition of these maps, feel free to bring them up on this thread.

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